A New Start

The most important day in my life was when I decided to be a Christian - a follower of Jesus. It set the whole course of my life. I said a prayer similar to the one below admitting that I had sinned against God and believed that Jesus died on a cross for me to forgive me. He also came into my life and that made a huge difference - it was like a new start in life.

The offer is there for everyone and it may be that now is the time for you to take this step. You could say this prayer to God thinking about what it means. You will find it helpful to get in touch with other Christians who will be able to encourage you as you follow Jesus.

John Robertshaw  

A Prayer

Thank you God that you love me.
I realise that I have done things wrong in my life. I have decided to turn away from sin and live a new kind of life.
Thank you that Jesus died on a cross for me and I believe in him to take away my sin and forgive me.
I have decided to be a follower of Jesus for the rest of my life and wish to serve him.
Please come into my life and send your Holy Spirit to help me.

You may find these bits of the Bible helpful (touch to read):
John 1:12, John 1:43, John 3:16, Mark 1:15, Luke 11:13

Last Edited: 2019-06-29   

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